Irrigation Winterization & Spring Start Up Omaha NE

How familiar people are with the functions of their sprinkler systems may vary. Some may have done their research and have purchased one for their home, and are very well informed of its maintenance needs. Others may have purchased a home or a business that already has one in place, and may not know much about the system beyond how to turn it on and off. In the Omaha area, we have the four seasons, including that of winter. Hence, sprinkler winterization is not optional for owners in these parts, but required, in order to reduce the likelihood of damage. Proper seasonal maintenance is the largest factor within your control that will enable you to spend your money on preferred things, instead of having to get your irrigation system fixed. While some people like to undertake this task themselves, there is risk involved if you are not a professional. Not only must this job be done thoroughly, it must be done correctly. There is significant opportunity for error. For instance, if a compressor is used, the blowout can damage your system if you overdo it, or if a valve is not first opened. Our team does countless systems during the year, so these safety checks are second nature to us. The winterization process is an involved procedure that will protect your sprinkler system from damage. First the valves are shut off. A compressor is used to blow out all of the water from the pipes and heads. This ensures that there is no ice to expand inside and cause any fracture. Then the backflow is also winterized. While this process takes place, we inspect for any potential damages that may have already taken place during the season, and bring it to your attention. Just as important as shutting your system down correctly, would be the beginning, with the spring startup process. Much of this is the reverse of the sprinkler winterization service. Our team comes out and turns your water on. Then the system is pressurized. Similar to the winterization, we also perform a check of all the heads and nozzles to make sure operational levels are at full functionality. Then the controller is set for the spring watering program. The staff here at Rainmakers is happy to educate you on how to run your own controller. However, if you are more comfortable with us coming out to adjust your program for the time of year, we are more than willing to accommodate you. To add an extra measure of prevention, we also offer a mid-season checkup service. This takes place in the summer season. The crew looks over your lawn for any dry spots, as well as makes sure your heads and nozzles are positioned correctly and fully functional, being clear of any obstruction. And, if you are one that prefers to not operate your own controller, we will switch your program to summer watering for you. Let Rainmakers look out for your lawn and landscape's interest, as well as that of your pocketbook, by allowing us to take care of these preventive measures. We have the expertise and the equipment to detect small issues before they become large. Proudly serving the greater Omaha region for four decades, contact us today.