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Rainmakers has been a reliable contributor to the La Vista, NE metropolitan area for several decades. Originally established in the year 1975, it has been under the current ownership since since 1996. Our proud business has endured and grown for this long for very good reasons. It is our undying commitment to 100 percent customer satisfaction and also to water conservation. A true testament to us continually meeting that goal is the fact that we have established long term relationships with residential and commercial customers. Once they chose Rainmakers to service their sprinkler systems, they tend to stay with us. We aim to make sure that is the case with you as well, should you decide to hire us to put in a new system, or are in need of repair or maintenance work with a system you already own. Irrigation installation is a very involved and intricate task. It involves significant digging in the perimeters of your yards, the laying of pipes, as well as electrical work. If it is done incorrectly, it can cause a number of complications. Don't trust this job to just anyone. Our long standing company has employees that have been with us for over two decades. Our aggregate experience has seen the installation of countless sprinkler systems, of both houses and businesses. They have been successful over the years in keeping up with the evolving technology that comes with these irrigation systems. If you have an existing system that is in need of repair, our team can do it better than any of our competitors. Our thorough inspections will catch anything that is out of place, or not spraying where it should be. We can repair any type of system there is, being the only company around that can still tend to the old hydraulic type. Of course, sprinkler repairs are far less likely to have to be done as often if they are both installed properly, and just as importantly, maintained. No company around town is as thorough at making sure your irrigation system is started off properly in the spring, and thoroughly winterized at the end of the year as our staff. The startup regimen will ensure that everything is in working order, and any problems in the system are brought to your attention. At the other end, sprinkler winterization is equally as important to ensure that the cold weather does not damage the pipes or other components, and that it will be ready to go when it warms up again. Our business also offers a mid-season inspection in the summer where we check for dry spots or potential malfunctioning equipment. Rainmakers has satisfied customers for such a long time not merely by retaining capable and approachable employees, but also by utilizing the most reliable products for our work. We are a strong advocate of Toro brand, being a certified contractor of their product line. Depending on the preference or the specification of the customer, we also deal and repair the capable brands of Rainbird and Hunter. To boost our credibility of the pursuit of 100 percent client satisfaction in all of our jobs, from sprinkler repair to installation, all of our services are backed with a generous warranty. For instance, irrigation installation comes with a three year labor warranty, and we stay true to product warranties for all services. Do you want to give your grass the water it needs in the most efficient manner? Our business is dedicated to maintaining the health of your lawn while maximizing conservation. Looking forward to continuing to beautify the La Vista, NE area, call us today.